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The Significance of the Mayan Calendar

In the booklet accompanying the essence, I included a brief overview of the astronomical significance of this Winter Solstice from the Mayan perspective.

Many prophecies around the 2012 Winter Solstice stem from the end date of the Long Count Calendar created thousands of years ago by the Mayan peoples. Viewing time as cyclical rather than linear, their astonishingly precise knowledge came from keen astronomical observation and shamanic experiences.

We are entering a rare astronomical alignment, an event that occurs only once every 26,000 years as our solar system passes through the Galactic Center of the Milky Way on this year’s winter solstice. To the Mayans, this cosmological event marks a period of rebirth, the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new era. Not a message of doom, they anticipated profoundly transformative possibilities for individuals and civilizations.

The Mayan’s rich heritage of images and mythology encourages us to play our co-creative role in the great cycle of creation. In their view, the Milky Way’s Galactic Center represents the birth canal of the Great Mother while another image of a snake’s head devouring the sun warns this can also be a dangerous time if we are not awake and aligned with life.

The 2013 Essence Definition

Chaos theory recognizes that when a living system is out of balance, as our world is now, the system is actually attempting to self-organize into a new, more complex structure. Yet how do we participate in such a dynamic process when everything we know is breaking down or changing?

The new Year 2013 essence focuses on two key elements — the power of our conscious loving and our ability to listen to the song within our hearts.

Like a mother with a newborn babe, our loving presence in each moment is everything — protection and sustenance in a field of love where the babe is free to grow gracefully and true to form.

The other element is focused listening. As a musician turns toward a melody others may not hear, attending to our own heart-song guides us with joyful freedom into the new dance.

When everything is shifting in the swirling chaos, these gently focused acts of listening and loving, in every challenging moment, hold us steady and keep us free. Conscious of our destiny, we fix our choice upon being Love rather than seeking attention. Aware of our role as co-creators, we let ourselves be tuned by Love’s frequencies rather than reacting to the world’s polluted noise.

As Love holds and guides us through these dynamic times, we walk the path of beauty’s abundance in harmony with all creation, and our radiant, aching planet is blessed.

These are several images from fifty images in a Meditation on the 2013 Essence on Youtube. Click hereto view the six-minute slideshow. To purchase the New Year 2013 essence, ($16 plus tax and shipping) contact Andrea: info@ravenessences.com or 905-832-8245.

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